Renovation: Shabby Chic Dollhouse

With the weather turning and getting better, I've finally started the renovation of what will eventually be my Shabby Chic house. At the moment it is just a little girls playhouse. 

I hope to be able to make it look at least a little more " grown-up" by the time I'm done. I had to wait for better weather, because I knew it was going to be an absolute mess, so I have to work outside. Most of the interior was painted with gloss enamel by the previous owner and that just had to go.

Before work started, I played around with some of the furniture I'll be using to decorate it. Just to get a feel of where I'm going with the house, even though in my head I know exactly what it's supposed to look like! I've learned by now (and it's the advice of all the more experienced dollhouse people), to first plan as much as possible before you start painting and wallpapering. 

Now, the good news is.... there was paper underneath the gloss enamel paint. Which means it sort of pealed off in nice big pieces. Well, at least on the ground and top floor. The second floor was more of a nightmare! The bad news is.... there was paper underneath the gloss enamel paint! Now that all the paint is removed, I still have to get rid of the paper and glue! 

This is what it looks like at the moment. Hopefully tomorrow I will move on to the next phase: removing all the wallpaper and floor coverings. 


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  1. What a great article. I don't know anything much at all about dolls houses, except obviously little girls like to play with them, but it's fascinating that you actually get to design the whole house and paint and paper just like you would in a real house! I will really enjoy following what you do to it and how it will look in the end. Thank you :) x

    1. Thanks for visiting and commenting Sue! Lovely to see you here.

      Truth be told, since I started on this miniature journey last year a whole new world opened in front of me! Dollhouses and miniatures are actually a "huge thing". Never knew it was this big a hobby. I'm completely fascinated by the work of artisans, miniaturists and collectors all over the world. Some of them truly gifted and inspirational.

      I love doing this and I hope I can share at least some of the fun here with you all. xx